The backbone of the DNA of Thinkscience are:

Dedicated & Vibrant Teachers

We are passionate and professional in our teaching. We aim to cultivate interest in science in your child. Trained and experienced, our teachers teach with care and dedication, and always go the extra mile.

Specially Curated Learning Materials

We believe in being professional and methodical in our teaching. The other important component of the DNA of Thinkscience is the learning materials for teachers and students.

We have designed all of our own proprietary and comprehensive materials. All materials are up-­to‐date with the current Singapore syllabus for effective learning, for various streams and levels.

Interactive Experience

An interactive culture in class enriches students’ learning. Hands-­on activities, like science experiments, and discussions on real-life situations will be conducted to enhance the understanding of science concepts taught.

Relevant science videos and articles presented will broaden students’ scientific knowledge and improve your child’s reading comprehension.

Micro Class Size

Our maximum class size is only 4 to 5 students, to ensure high teacher-to-student ratio for effective and personalised learning.

Specialised Lessons

Due to the micro class size, we are able to personalise lessons that are catered for various levels, schools and streams.

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