Parents say that they choose us for the following reasons:

Dedicated Tutors

We are passionate and professional in our teaching, and aim to cultivate interest in science in your child. Trained and experienced, our tutors teach with care and dedication.

Concise Materials

We believe in being professional and methodical in our teaching. The educational materials for tutors and students is one of the most important tool for learning. We have designed many of our own proprietary and comprehensive materials that are up-­to‐date with the current Singapore syllabus for effective learning.

Interactive Experience

An interactive culture in class enriches students’ learning. Hands-­on activities, like science experiments, and discussions will be conducted to enhance the understanding of science concepts taught. Relevant science videos and articles presented will broaden students’ scientific knowledge and improve your child’s reading comprehension.

Close monitoring of the progress of every student

We have a 4‐step process to monitor progress:

(1) The Objective

We will establish an achievable objective for each student before the start of enrollment. The objective has to be worked out with the new parents and/or the child to find out the requirements of the students. The objectives can be: to improve a particular grade in an exam, improvement of the student’s presentation of answers, or to nurture interest in science.

(2) Assessment

We will arrange for the child to be academically assessed. This is usually done during the first class, and through referencing of the student’s schoolwork. This helps parents set realistic goals for the tuition.

(3) Feedback

We will make contact with the parent and/or child after the first class to discuss the reactions of both child and tutor, and to see whether the stated mission is realistic or needs adjusting.

(4) Regular report

Parents will receive feedback throughout the course. We will send a bi‐monthly report notifying the work done, the successes, and the areas to improve on.

We hope to work hand-­in-­hand with parents to help place the students in good stead for examinations in Singapore as well as for future studies.