Secondary Level

Science Tuition for Secondary Level

Our science tuition for secondary level focus on equipping your child with proper answering techniques and scientific skills like posing questions, inferring, correct use of apparatus and equipment, formulating hypothesis, defining the problem, generating possibilities and predicting. We aim to enable your child to master all the different sciences (physics, biology, and chemistry), so as to develop critical thinking and higher-order thinking skills to achieve science excellence.

Our curriculum is developed specially for integrated programme (IP), as well as for the express and NA streams (O levels). We aim to stimulate your child’s curiosity, interest and enjoyment in science and matters relating to science and technology and engage your child in science-related issues that concern their lives, the society and the environment.

We offer science tuition for the various secondary level in Singapore. Call and register now.

 New! 2021 Schedule

All classes are once a week, 2 hours each.

Secondary 1

Level Subject Day Time
Secondary 1 Science (IP/Express) Tuesday 5pm – 7pm
Science (IP/Express) Wednesday 4pm – 6pm

Secondary 2

Level Subject Day Time
Secondary 2 Science (IP) Saturday 2pm – 4pm
Science (IP/Express) Thursday 4pm – 6pm

Secondary 3

Once a week, 2 hours each.

Level Subject Day Time
Secondary 3 Science (IP/Express) Saturday 10am – 12pm
Science (IP) Sunday 4pm to 6pm

Secondary 4

Level Subject Day Time
Secondary 4 Science (IP) Monday 6pm – 8pm
Science (IP/Express) Friday 4pm to 6pm

We may open new classes based on demand and availability of resources.

Find out more about us HERE.


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