Science Intensive Bootcamp

About Thinkscience Science Intensive Bootcamp – June 2016

In our Science Intensive Bootcamp this June holidays, students will learn examination techniques on how to answer free response questions, including application questions with data-analysis and experiment-based questions.

Our Science Intensive Bootcamp is specially designed for students to be better prepared for Term 3 and Term 4 by reinforcing their understanding of essential concepts.

Levels: P5 & P6

Duration: 3 hours each session across 2 days


Day & Date



Primary 5

13 June Mon & 14 June Tues

10am – 1pm

Sgd 259.00

Primary 6 20 June Mon & 21 June Tues 10am – 1pm

Sgd 299.00


*Registration fee of $28 applies for new students.
*Due to limited capacity, availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. The sessions that are fully booked may still appear in the form below.


Register your interest by filling up the form here or call us at 98629147.






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