Year End Holiday Programmes 2015

Here are our enriching year end holiday programmes to engage your child, learning science through our fun-filled classes this holiday!

Gardening Workshop

Explore the principles of biology through terrarium building and basic gardening. This workshop promotes love for nature and teaches your child responsibility through caring for plants.

Topics explained include respiration, photosynthesis and transpiration.

Your child will get to take home their very own terrarium masterpiece!

 1 Dec Tuesday     10am – 1pm


Project Engineering Workshop

This workshop introduces your child to basic principles of physics, promote critical thinking and increases self-confidence through problem-solving.

Your child will have immense fun building their own engineering structures like the pyramid catapult, while learning concepts on forces and energy conversions.

 2 Dec Wednesday 10am – 1pm



Chemical Science Workshop

Learn all about the mixtures around us, in our food and how we can separate them into simpler components.

This workshop explores the processes of chromatography and crystallisation, investigating the components of food dyes, sugar and salt solutions.

Topics covered include separating mixtures, solutions and suspensions, and food chemistry.

3 Dec Thursday 10am – 1pm



Science Booster Programmes

Does your child struggle to achieve a higher grade or score well in science?

This science booster programme will teach your child techniques on how to answer science questions, build strong foundation to be better prepared for the next year’s curriculum.

For primary 4 – secondary 2

From 28 November 2015, more details HERE.




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